Chatbot: Cemex expands Olivia

To continue its customer-focused digital evolution, Mexican cement company Cemex has expanded Olivia, its artificial intelligence chatbot, to other markets.

With this, the company aims to help its Customer Service Centers provide answers to its customers’ most common questions.

In 2022, Olivia was introduced in the UK on CEMEX Go, WhatsApp and «ReadyMix2Go,» a Professional Self-build website.

Also Cemex launched Olivia in some countries such as Peru, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico, reaching a global presence in 12 geographies.


Panoramatically, the company sees the creation of a digital organization as essential to its overall customer-centric business strategy.

The technological applications that Cemex develops are designed to strengthen its competitive advantage by boosting its customers’ productivity, positively impacting their bottom line and improving their experience when interacting with the company itself.

Voice of the Customer

Cemex has used Bain & Co.‘s Net Promoter System (NPS) to collect, manage and act on customer feedback.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key experience indicator used to measure Cemex’s customer loyalty across all of its business units since 2018.

In 2022, the company maintained an excellent overall annual NPS score of 66, significantly above Retently 2022’s NPS benchmark of 45 for the construction and engineering industry and on track for its 2030 NPS target of 70.

This Net Promoter System enables the company to transform customer feedback into actionable improvements, leverage enhanced analytics to better understand its customers, and develop insights to design more targeted, data-driven value propositions for them.

Since 2021, as part of its Voice of the Customer program, the company has enabled new means to measure customer satisfaction at the transactional level across the entire customer journey and added advanced capabilities such as text analytics, sentiment analysis, and touchpoint correlation analysis.

Moreover, CEMEX Go enables its customers to build more efficient operations and usage of its online store has grown significantly since 2017.

This innovative digital solution automates order-to-cash workflows, which aims to streamline customers’ ability to achieve real-time management, from ordering to tracking and fulfillment.



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