CFE will start a public telecommunications network

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) plans to start a public telecommunications network in 2021, the Ministry of Finance reported in the Economic Package.

In 2021, the consolidation of the Subsidiary Productive Companies (EPS) CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos will continue, to which a budget of 1,986.2 million pesos is assigned for 2021, in accordance with the Expenditure Budget initiative sent to the Congress of the Union.

These resources would be channeled as part of the Mexican government’s strategy for the implementation of information and communication technologies, in order to promote the development of well-being, social and financial inclusion.

The Ministry of Finance estimates that at the end of the current administration, a large part of the population will have an Internet connection.

During the fiscal year 2021, one of the objectives of the EPS CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos, will be to start the creation of a public telecommunications network, under conditions of effective access, to the population of the country that does not have coverage of said services. , as well as promoting and facilitating the social and economic development of the population through the provision of telecommunications services, in both cases non-profit.

For this, the Company will specify the integration of the portfolio of investment projects that allows it to comply with the described purposes and will develop them once its Board of Directors grants its approval.


According to the federal government itself, this company will maximize the telecommunications infrastructure that the CFE has and that is installed throughout the national territory by making use of the National Fiber Optic Network, which will continue to expand the coverage of the Internet; Likewise, it will be very useful to provide the financial services provided by the Banco del Bienestar in the most vulnerable social sectors of the country and efficiently provide the government’s social programs.


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