The CFE has 61 contracts with large industrial clients

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) signed 61 contracts with industrial clients in their qualified supply business, equal to or greater than 1 MW.

In the Supply business line, the federal government set up the Basic Supply subsidiary, which is oriented towards non-industrial customers in general, as well as industrial customers whose consumption is less than 1 MW per year, however it retains those industrial customers that for the At the moment they are not interested in migrating to the qualified supply scheme.

At the same time, a Qualified Supply subsidiary was created, aimed at industrial clients that consume 1 MW or more per year and who wish to enter the qualified supply market.

As of the end of 2019, this last subsidiary had signed 61 energy supply contracts, equivalent to 1,201 MW. Its clients are located in 17 states, in the north and center of the country, as well as in the Bajío region.

Qualified users are found in different industries, highlighting the automotive, mining and metals, as well as in the public transport service.


Regarding the Fuel Marketing subsidiaries, CFEnergía has the mission of procuring the supply of fuels to the CFE and participating in the fuel market in general, with emphasis on natural gas. CFE International was created to guarantee transactions abroad.

Distribution of demand by customer industry

The Commission was transformed into a State Productive Company, with its own assets and legal personality.

The activities of Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Supply and Commercialization of electrical energy are carried out through subsidiaries and a corporate business unit for nuclear generation, while the tasks of commercialization of fuels and electrical service to qualified users are carried out by through subsidiaries.

Based on the provisions of the Energy Reform Decree, the CFE ceased to be a unique company in the electricity market.

Now it is recognized that different activities accept competition and, therefore, the Commission must participate together with other companies in Generation, Basic Supply, and Qualified Supply, while segments such as Transmission and Distribution are exclusively reserved by Law for the Commission. .


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