Cemex will continue to invest in its Urban Solutions business

Cemex reported that it will continue to invest in its Urban Solutions business, which grew almost 15% in 2020.

The company is one of the largest cement companies in the world, according to annual installed cement production capacity.

As of December 31, 2020, Cemex had 91.5 million tons of annual installed cement production capacity, and its cement sales volumes in 2020 were 63.8 million tons.

«One of the objectives of our Operation Resilience program is to optimize our portfolio by increasing operating flow through strategic divestitures and additional investments while promoting our new key Urban Solutions business, which continued to grow,» the company said.

In 2020, the EBITDA of this business grew close to 15% and represented close to 6% of the consolidated EBITDA.

1) Reflects CEMEX’s current expectations. Volumes on a like-to-like basis.

«Given the growth potential that we foresee in this line of business in the coming years, we will continue to invest in our Urban Solutions business,» the company added.


Urban Solutions are one of its four main businesses.

From the angle of the company itself, Urban Solutions is a new business that complements its value in offering products and solutions, seeking to connect with the general urban ecosystem.

Overall these solutions aim to address the challenges of urbanization and provide the means for all stakeholders in the construction value chains to enable sustainable urbanization, focusing on four market segments:

Performance Materials

Performance materials are used to modify and improve the properties and use of building materials and building systems.

Additionally, performance materials include admixtures, construction chemicals, flooring solutions, admixtures, mortars, and specialty mortars (eg, tile adhesives, flooring, plastering and plastering, concrete repairs, waterproofing), and asphalt.

The following are examples of performance materials that Cemex offers its clients:

  • ISODUST and ISOFINES: additives that reduce the need for calcium oxide or quicklime, and mitigate the amount of dust generated (up to 10 microns) on construction sites, including excavating the soil of complex tunnel projects.
  • Streetpave – A complete three-stage coating, glue and bond paving system that is high performance and offers quick build-up. With products like Streetpave, your customers can build more resilient pavements that meet and exceed the strict life cycle of demand for materials with a circular economy approach.
  • Viapath. Its environmentally friendly single-layer Premium asphalt solution for bicycle and pedestrian lanes, which achieves a reduction in the carbon footprint of projects by requiring less fuel use during the operation of paving, coating additives and less waste of material on site.

Industrialized Construction

Cemex manufactures finished building elements that are easy and safe to assemble and install on site.

The products of industrialized construction vary from prefabricated components to complete structures, 2D panels, 3D modules, 3D structures, etc.

The following are examples of industrialized construction products that you offer to your customers:

  • Prefabricated elements for mobility and urban infrastructure: sleepers, drainage work, bridges, drainage basins, parking barriers and edges, as well as concrete pipes for various applications such as storm and sanitary sewers.
  • High-end architectural concrete products with a range of styles from different construction and urban landscaping projects: integral facade panels, standard and architectural blocks (in a range of colors, sizes and textures), paving blocks and paving solutions of decoration.
  • Rapid response social infrastructure solutions: current needs such as fully equipped hospital sections for COVID-19.

Waste management

The efficient management of resources to improve the mobility of the construction value chain, from the reduction and management of waste generated in the construction life cycle, to the recycling of waste back into the construction chain. construction value.

The following are examples of waste management solutions that Cemex offers its clients:

  • Recycling of waste generated in the construction cycle, such as fly ash.
  • Revaluation of external waste sources within the construction value chain. An example is the production of lightweight recycled aggregates with a low CO2 footprint through the reuse of plastic waste.
  • Optimization and efficiency of resources. An example is the recovery of energy from waste by using alternative fuels to partially replace fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum coke to heat cement kilns.

Related services and Cemex

The company provides services to offer integrated solutions through design and engineering, logistics and transportation, energy, retail, paving services, financing services, etc.

These are complementary services throughout the construction value chain that complement Performance Materials, Industrialized Construction and Waste Management, and allow Cemex to become a market leader in each market segment.

The following are examples of related services you offer:

  • Design and engineering services such as Construhub, a BIM platform based on the BIM methodology that reduces risks, improves quality and facilitates the delivery of projects on time and within budget for its clients.
  • Logistics services provide multifaceted transportation solutions such as the new transportation line serving key markets in the US. The tanker truck, unloading and loading divisions, in conjunction with their strategically positioned on-site unloaders, are complemented by our team of Field Service Representatives promoting safety and customer focus.
  • Retail services such as Construrama allow you to partner with your cement distribution network to offer customers a wide range of branded products at competitive prices. Through Multiproducts, it offers its customers a one-stop shopping experience by providing them through our retail stores with a full range of complementary products related to construction, from plumbing and electrical products, to accessories for painting, wood and lighting.
  • Paving services focus on surfaces from highways and airports to commercial parks, parking lots, warehouses for storage and material handling, where it offers a comprehensive range of paving solutions to both public and private sector clients.
  • Its United Nations award-winning low-income housing program, Patrimonio Hoy, supports families with affordable construction materials and services through funding mechanisms and technical assistance.
  • Additionally, in some countries where it operates, such as Mexico, it offers key solutions for developers, and partners with governments and local authorities to identify, coordinate and develop public infrastructure projects.