Cemex: Vertua is already used in large projects

The Cemex company, one of the largest cement companies in the world, reported that its Vertua product is already used in large projects.

With the launch of its new Vertua product line, the first concrete solution with net zero CO2 emissions in the cement industry, Cemex made significant progress towards its 2050 goal of having all its concrete with net zero CO2 emissions.

The carbon footprint of this product is reduced through the application of new concrete technologies, allowing customers to meet their construction needs with more sustainable products.

Already Vertua, according to Cemex, was used in large infrastructure projects in Europe and «has been very well received» in Mexico, the United States and South America.

Vertua is the new line of low-carbon Cemex products, these reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during production, preserving performance and quality.

The Vertua benefit for cement and concrete reduces net direct CO2 emissions thanks to a more efficient use of materials, a recycling strategy, the optimal use of fuels, as well as advanced technology in production processes.

Within its line of Cemex cements, the company has specific products for each need, for example:

Extra cements with the Vertua benefit have the main characteristic of reducing plastic shrinkage cracks; Impercem cements offer the benefit of preventing the passage of water in construction; and the Optimal mortar guarantees the manageability of the mixture.


Vertua concrete can be manufactured in any resistance, does not require any special process for its application and does not alter the performance of the material in buildings.

Vertua also carries a certificate that shows the total CO2 emissions saved.

In February 2020, Cemex implemented a proactive Climate Action strategy and announced the 2030 goal of reducing its net specific CO2 emissions by 35% compared to the 1990 base, as well as a 2050 goal of zero emissions for its concrete. net CO2 in all its operations.

As part of its CO2 emissions reduction strategy, Cemex is accelerating its alternative fuel and clinker factor initiatives while advancing new CO2 reduction measures, such as hydrogen injection.

In 2020, we modernized all its plants in Europe to use this technology, which allowed the company to achieve a higher rate of alternative fuels and reduce heat consumption significantly.

Now the company is extending hydrogen injection to the rest of its operations.

Cemex recorded net sales of 14,548 million dollars in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 14%, with a net profit of 778 million dollars.


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