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Carlos Palencia Escalante: new director of the Index

He is an economist graduated from Universidad Anáhuac

Mexico‘s National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry (Index) appointed Carlos Palencia Escalante as its new General Director.

He is an economist graduated from Universidad Anáhuac; he has studies on international trade, business development and the European integration process. 

In addition, Palencia was a Management & Leadership Fellow under the International Visitors Program of the U.S. Department of State. 

In another stage, Palencia was Vice President of the Trade Facilitation Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce/Mexico Chapter (2014 and 2019), as well as an active official in various business organizations such as the Mexico-European Business Council (part of the Mexican Business Council for International Affairs, today Comce), the National Chamber of the Textile Industry; the so-called «Cuarto de Junto» for Mexico’s international agreements and CANACO Mexico City, also in Nacional Financiera and ECLAC, for the formulation of strategic alliances, promotion of international business and inter-business cooperation projects, among other topics. 

Carlos Palencia Escalante

For 15 years he has been an evaluator for the National Export Award, and from 2008 to 2020 he was the Coordinator of the IMMEX Category. 

His experience has been extended as a lecturer, as well as an editorialist in newspapers and specialized magazines, and as a lecturer in several universities. 

Carlos Palencia Escalante is also the author or co-author of nine books published by the Instituto de Investigación Económica y Social Lucas Alamán. 

«The performance between the years 2001 and February 2014 as General Director in this National Council and until April 2022 as Advisor to the Presidency, will help achieve Index’s purposes in terms of growth and strengthen management plans for the progress of the maquiladora and manufacturing export industry,» said Index in a press release.


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