BRP’s Top 8 Competitors in Powersports Engines

The BRP company stated that most of its motorsports competitors power their vehicles with engines that they manufacture.

For kart engines, its biggest competitors are IAME, TM Racing and Vortex Engines.

For motorcycle engines, its most outstanding competitors are Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, and Yamaha.

Finally, for small-engined recreational aircraft, its competition focuses on Continental Motors and Lycoming.

While the motorsports industry is made up of several product categories, the majority of motorsports products are used for recreational purposes.

Certain products, primarily off-road vehicles, are also used for public service purposes such as agriculture, construction, military, and other commercial applications.

BRP competes in the ATV, SSV, Snowmobile and PWC categories, in the motorcycle tricycle category with Can-Am Spyder and Ryker 3WV and their respective PA&A businesses.

BRP’s competition comes mainly from North American and Asian manufacturers.


BRP competes in the boat product category with Alumacraft, Manitou, Quintrex, Stacer and Savage vessels and in the marine engine product category with Rotax jet boat engines.

Markets for BRP’s products are highly competitive based on a number of factors, including innovation, performance, price, technology, product characteristics, design and ergonomics, fit and finish, brand loyalty, quality, warranties, and distribution. .

On the one hand, motorsport and marine products are sold through dealer and distributor networks. Manufacturers generally distribute their products in a country directly to an established network of largely independent distributors or through distributors who act as intermediaries with the distributors.

On the other hand, manufacturers often provide after-sales service and marketing support to dealers, as well as training for service technicians.


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