Bottled coconut water: the plans of China WuYi Mountain

China WuYi Mountain, a start-up company, plans to engage in the business of producing, distributing and marketing organic bottled coconut water from bulk coconut water sourced from the Philippines and bottled in the United States.

At present, the company has no product and has not yet launched its business model.

Before that, China WuYi Mountain must raise liquidity to implement its strategy and stay in business.

According to the company, coconut water contains a unique combination of B vitamins, vitamin C, micronutrients and phytohormones that are exceptionally beneficial to health.

A scientific review of pure organic coconut water with no additives shows that it can help prevent heart attacks; reduce high blood pressure, has anti-aging effects, and fights free radicals to help prevent cancer.

The main business objective is to produce, distribute, market and sell its main intended product, organic coconut water, under the brand name Koos Coconut Water, which is pure organic coconut water with no additives.

Coconut water

The Company is not required to purchase or obtain special equipment to manufacture, bottle, label or package its proposed coconut water product by China WuYi Mountain plans to manufacture, bottle, label and package its proposed Koos Coconut Water under an agreement, yet to be negotiated, with a joint packaging company, which has all such equipment.

The Kokos Group Inc. plans to sell its proposed coconut water product in the following bottle sizes: 8oz and 16oz.


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