Bombardier bets on after-sales services

Bombardier reported that it continued in 2021 with enhancements to its global customer service network, including the expansion of Bombardier’s network of service centers in Berlin, Miami, London-Biggin Hill, Singapore and the new service center under construction in Melbourne, Australia.

In this regard, Bombardier expects to diversify its revenue mix by increasing aftermarket services from 18% of its revenue in 2020 to 27% of its revenue by 2025.

Additionally, the company and Signature Flight Support have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to create a suite of new services that will transform the service experience for their customers.

Finally, Bombardier launched its Certified Pre-Owned Aircraft program, offering customers a specially selected premium class of used products.

As part of its aftermarket growth strategy, Bombardier is expanding its global service network and capabilities to position the company to capture a larger share of a growing market and further diversify its overall revenue with aftermarket revenue. of more resistant and profitable spare parts.


The company expects the outlook for 2022 to exceed that of 2021 and is on track to meet the 2025 target: it expects to deliver more than 120 units, exceed $6.5 billion in revenue, increase adjusted EBITDA by 29% compared to 2021 to more than 825 million, increase adjusted EBIT to more than 375 million and achieve more than 50 million of positive free cash flow.

In particular, the United States remains a key market for services and Bombardier has implemented a multi-pronged strategy to ensure that we increase service capacity and catch rates.

As it is doing around the world, the company has focused on growing the footprint, specifically in Florida, which also attracts Latin American carriers through its strategic location.

Its new facility in Miami is set to open in 2022 and will become one of the largest commercial aviation service centers under one roof, capable of hosting more than a dozen Global 7500 aircraft at any given time.

Kansas, where the company is training its workforce to increase its service capabilities, is transitioning from manufacturing operations to becoming a larger aircraft service center, as well as the heart of its Bombardier Specialty Aircraft activities and the world-renowned Flight Test Center.


With approximately 5,000 aircraft in service worldwide, Bombardier has an extensive network of aftermarket and support service facilities, including wholly owned service centers in the United States, Europe and Asia.


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