Boeing and Textron, among TAT’s clients

TAT Technologies, a leading provider of solutions and services to the aerospace and defense industries, counts Boeing and Textron among its customers.

Above all, the company focuses on two areas of products and services: thermal management and power and actuation.

The company operates four operating units:

  1. Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of heat transfer solutions and aviation accessories through its Gedera plant.
  2. Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for heat transfer components and OEMs of heat transfer solutions through its Limco subsidiary.
  3. MRO services for aviation components through its Piedmont subsidiary (primarily APU and LG).
  4. Reconditioning and coating of jet engine components through its Turbochrome subsidiary.

TAT targets the commercial aerospace (serving a wide range of commercial and business aircraft types and sizes), military aerospace and ground defense.


The company has a global presence with more than 500 customers around the world, including top-tier players in their respective markets, such as Boeing, Embraer, Lockheed Martin, Collins, Liebherr, Pratt & Whitney (a division of Collins), the Armed Forces United States navies and airline service centers such as KLM, Lufthansa and others.

As a leading provider in its market, TAT’s business is backed by a host of certifications, including from US, European, UK and Chinese civil aviation authorities, as well as from leading manufacturers such as Boeing and Honeywell International.

Its aircraft manufacturing customers include: Boeing, Textron, Pilatus, Embraer, Lockheed Martin, Honda Aircraft, Cirrus and Gulfstream.

In addition, among its manufacturer/system integrator and defense contractor clients, the following stand out: Liebherr, Thales, Rafael, Elbit, IAI, Parker, Lockheed Martin, Eaton Aerospace, Parker Hannifin Corporation and Safran (Snecma).

TAT employed 413 employees at the end of 2021 and operates in four locations: its plant in Gedera, Israel (Gedera); Limco Airepair Inc. (Limco) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; Piedmont Aviation Component Services (Piedmont) in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States; Turbochrome (Turbochrome) in Kiryat Gat, Israel; Headquarters in Netanya, Israel, and a strategic sales office in Mooresville, North Carolina.

As of December 31, 2021, its backlog included: pending purchase orders representing a total amount of $38 million, and sales that we expect to generate from long-term agreements (the longest of which is through 2033) to that we have not yet received actual purchase orders for a total amount of 257 million.


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