BMW makes electric cars at 13 plants

German automaker BMW Group manufactures cars with fully electric or plug-in hybrid powertrains at 13 locations across its global production network.

Globally, the company’s largest automobile and motorcycle markets are in Germany, the United Kingdom, China and the United States.

Already fully electric models are part of the production program in Dingolfing, Leipzig, Munich, Oxford and Shenyang, including the BMW iX produced in Dingolfing and the BMW i4, which is built at the Munich plant.

By the end of 2022, every production plant in Germany will have the capacity to make at least one all-electric model.

From the middle of the decade, the Neue Klasse will also feature a cluster architecture that is constantly oriented towards the production of electric drive systems.

The Neue Klasse is its all-electric product range, which will mark the start of Phase III of its transformation towards emission-free mobility.

The new architecture will be implemented for the first time at the Group’s new plant in Debrecen, Hungary, as well as at the Munich plant, and will gradually be transferred to the BMW Group’s global production network in the coming years.


The company is expanding its production network globally and specifically. For example, in China: in Shenyang, it will open a new plant in Tiexi this year and expand the plant in Dadong.

Specifically, BMW has mastered both the development of competencies from the ground up and how to transform existing plants into state-of-the-art locations for electromobility.

Examples of this are: its oldest plant, Munich, and its future plant in Hungary.

The main plant in Munich will be 100 years old this year. To mark the centenary, the company is smoothly transitioning to 100% electric during ongoing production.

With its new vehicle assembly, the plant will be able to produce only fully electric models from 2026 in line with demand.

In parallel, the company is also working on emission-free transport logistics.

In 2022, as a kind of counterpart to its main plant in Munich, we will also lay the foundation stone for its newer plant in Hungary. The first Neue Klasse vehicles will roll off the production line in Debrecen in 2025.


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