Bio Pappel invests in 3 new industrial plants in the US

Bio Pappel, the largest manufacturer of paper and paper products in Mexico and with operations in the United States of America and Colombia, reported that it is making investments to operate three new plants in the United States.

The company is the largest producer of paper and paper products in Mexico and Latin America, and has an installed capacity of approximately 3.5 million metric tons at the end of 2019.

In particular, Bio Pappel is a national leader in the manufacture of paper (for packaging, newsprint and bond paper) and paper products (corrugated boxes, sacks, cut paper and notebooks).

Bio Pappel and investments

The company will put into operation a modern Bio Pappel packaging plant in the state of Indiana in July, and plans to start a new sustainable paper factory in Washington state next September.

In addition, the company announced that next November it will begin construction of a new packaging and paper packaging plant in Dallas, Texas.

These three plants will come to complement their current industrial operations in the states of California, New Mexico and Georgia.

The company aims to generate 50% of its sales in Mexico, 40% in the United States and 10% in Canada.

As of December 31, 2019, it had 11,763 employees (10,633 in Mexico, 1,011 in the United States and 119 in Colombia), 60% of the staff were unionized and 40% were trustworthy.

Bio Pappel.
Photo: Bio Pappel. Paper packaging plant in Lebanon, Indiana. It begins operations in July 2020, together with the signing of the USMCA.


Bio Pappel is organized by three business units: Titan, Scribe and McKinley:

  1. Titán Papel: produces brown paper for packaging with operations in Mexico. In 2019, it shipped 241,000 metric tons of paper to third-party customers.
  2. Titán Empaques: produces corrugated boxes and paper sacks in Mexico and Latin America, and is the most reliable supplier on the market. Sales in 2019 were 807,000 metric tons, of corrugated boxes and multi-layer bags.
  3. Scribe: produces white paper, cut paper, and notebooks in Mexico and Colombia. In 2019, it sold 149,000 metric tons of bond paper, 144,000 metric tons of cut paper sheets, and 55 thousand metric tons of notebooks.
  4. Mckinley: Produces brown paper for packaging and corrugated boxes with operations in the U.S. In 2019, it shipped 159,000 metric tons of paper and 79,000 metric tons of corrugated boxes to customers in the United States.