Bimbo Ventures analyzes 400 startups and creates 2 innovation offices

Bimbo Ventures reported that it analyzes around 400 startups a year and created two new innovation offices in 2020.

First of all, Grupo Bimbo is the largest bakery company in the world and a relevant player in snacks.

The company has 203 bakeries and other plants and around 1,700 sales centers strategically located in 33 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Through the various initiatives carried out by Bimbo Ventures and business partners, the company identifies more than 400 startups with innovative business solutions annually.

In fact, in 2020, seeking to broaden horizons and participate more actively in global innovation ecosystems, a Bimbo Ventures office was created in Israel and another in the United States.

In response to today’s great challenges, Grupo Bimbo created Bimbo Ventures in 2016, a business area dedicated to seeking technological solutions in the world’s innovation ecosystems.

Through this area, the Group seeks to identify and work with promising startups with disruptive technology and solutions in terms of new products, ingredients and packaging, digital marketing and e-commerce, digitization and optimization of operations and innovation in processes that allow promoting the business development.

Bimbo Ventures

Currently, the Group has a portfolio of more than 30 minority investments in companies with innovative solutions and Venture Capital funds around the world.

In 2017, through Bimbo Ventures, the Group created its startup acceleration program.

To date, three exercises of this program have been carried out (Eleva for Mexico and Bakelab for Central and South America), in which more than 700 participating startups from American and European countries have been received and 25 startups have been promoted in a process more than 12,000 hours of acceleration.

Working with institutions, doctors and experts, as well as with food and health regulatory authorities is important to achieve continuous improvement of the nutritional profile of products.

Similarly, to promote product competitiveness, Grupo Bimbo formed strategic alliances with universities and research centers to develop new technologies for the product development program.

Grupo Bimbo maintains strategic alliances with research centers such as the International Corn and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and renowned institutes such as the Whole Grains Council, the Consumer Goods Forum and the International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA).

In addition, the Health and Well-being action platforms remain aligned with those defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) to adopt internationally recognized strategies and best practices.

In addition, Grupo Bimbo participates in the Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) that assesses the strategy of the world’s leading food and beverage producers with respect to their commitments, practices and performance related to nutrition.

The company has developed innovative products with unique nutritional characteristics such as low levels of cholesterol, fat, salt and sugar to meet the needs of different populations.