Bimbo Bakeries USA increases its market share

Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, increased its market share in the U.S. bakery products market in 2022.

After having a 29.1% share in 2019, the company increased its coverage in the following three years, to 30.2% in 2020, then to 30.6% in 2021 and finally to 31% in 2022.

At the close of 2021, BBU operated 57 bakeries and production plants in the United States and has a significant nationwide distribution network.

BBU’s increased share of the U.S. fresh and frozen bakery products market was achieved after the company had a drop in this indicator, from 30.2% in 2017 to 29.9% in 2018, followed by a decline to 29.1% in 2019.

According to Information Resources Inc (IRI), this market is estimated at $47 billion retail in 2022.

Bimbo Bakeries USA

BBU has the broadest geographic presence in the industry in the U.S., with major, well-known brands in every industry segment, and a portfolio with a variety of products for different price points and consumption occasions, from breakfast and dinner to special occasions.

IRI data show that BBU holds a leadership position in the categories in which it participates, ranging from basic bakery products to more premium products, pastries, cakes, bagels and en english muffins.

BBU maintains close relationships with several supermarket chains and other major retailers in the United States, which enhances its ability to market products in all 50 states with an 86% presence in U.S. households.

In addition, the brand portfolio includes leading national brands such as Thomas’ for English muffins and bagels, Sara Lee for boxed bread, Ball Park for pastries, Entenmann’s for pastries, as well as premium brands such as Arnold, Brownberry, Oroweat and regional brands such as Mrs. Baird’s, Freihofer’s, Stroehmann and Heiner’s.

BBU also produces and distributes some of Grupo Bimbo’s Mexican brands, such as Bimbo and Marinela in the United States.

In addition to selling under its own brands, BBU participates in several categories in the private label segment, targeting a strategic group of customers.

In the United States, Grupo Bimbo produces, distributes and markets frozen bread and pastries in two bakeries.

Grupo Bimbo sells these products through the Wholesome Harvest, California Goldminer Sourdough, Grace Baking and Cheesecake Factory at Home brands.


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