Bachoco operates 1,307 plants in Mexico and the US

Industrias Bachoco operates 1,307 production plants in Mexico and the United States (most of which are farms) and more than 80 distribution centers that are located throughout Mexico, to ensure freshness and minimize transportation times and costs.

The company is the leader in the Mexican poultry industry and one of the largest poultry producers worldwide. In 2011, it entered the US chicken market through the acquisition of OK Foods.

Generally speaking, Bachoco owns most of its facilities, owns about 75% of its farms, and rents out a limited number of other farms and sales centers.

It also employs a network of contract growers.

Bachoco in Mexico

In the past, the company’s facilities in Mexico were grouped into several complexes with main offices in Mérida, Coatzacoalcos, Tecamachalco, Celaya, Lagos de Moreno, Monterrey, Gómez Palacios, Culiacán and Hermosillo.

But in 2014, Bachoco implemented a new structure whereby its facilities are now grouped according to “business units,” where each business unit is responsible not only for the production process, but also for customer service in an assigned region. .

Specifically, its eight processing plants process about 11.7 million chickens per week and its laying farms produce about 12,000 tons of commercial eggs each month.

Six of the 20 feed mill plants in Mexico are dedicated to the production of balanced feed for sale to third parties and the remaining 14 are mainly dedicated to domestic consumption.

Bachoco produces around 40,000 tons of balanced feed per month for sale to third parties.

The company owns other facilities, including two poultry manure processing plants. It also has a laboratory that produces vaccines for the poultry industry, which it uses mainly for internal purposes, but also sells some vaccines to third parties.

Production plants

The following table indicates Bachoco’s production facilities and the number of each type of facility, both in Mexico and the United States, as of December 31, 2019:

Bachoco in the US

The company has facilities throughout the River Valley area in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama and Georgia.

It processes around 3.0 million chickens per week at these facilities. Its offices are in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Its slaughter and boning plants and feed mills are located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Heavener, Oklahoma.

Additionally, Bachoco operates additional processing plants to produce value-added chicken products in Fort Smith, Oklahoma City, Muldrow, Oklahoma, and Alabama; hatcheries in Heavener and Stigler, Oklahoma; broiler research farms in Greenwood, Arkansas and Hartford, Arkansas; and its refrigerator storage and distribution center in Muldrow, Oklahoma.