Avocado production in Mexico grew 6% in the 2019-2020 season

Avocado production in Mexico during the 2019/2020 season (Jul-Jun) reached 2.32 million tons, 6% more compared to the previous cycle.

The harvest reaches its peak from October to February, with an average supply from March to May, and the low season is from June to September.

According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Michoacán is the main avocado producing state in Mexico, with approximately 26,740 registered producers.

USDA projects that the area planted for the 2020/2021 marketing year will be 172,479 hectares, 2% more than in the previous season, with a forecast 3% higher production, at 1.74 million tons.

Michoacán has avocado production throughout the year and represented 74% of the national production in the 2019/2020 marketing season.

The states of Jalisco and Mexico followed with 12 and 4%, respectively.

Avocado production

Average yields in Michoacán vary from 10 tons / hectare to 16 tons / hectare, depending on agricultural practices and the availability of irrigation.

Also, according to the USDA, approximately 61% of the orchards in Michoacán are rainfed, and the rest use drip or sprinkler irrigation systems.

Rainfed agriculture is one in which the human being does not contribute to the irrigation of the fields, but uses only that which comes from the rains.

Most of the avocado production in Michoacán is produced in small orchards of only five to 10 hectares.

Michoacán and Jalisco have created water wells to collect and protect water for use during the dry season.


According to the Association of Avocado Producers Exporters of Jalisco (APEAJAL), the planted area has reached 30,000 hectares in the state, of which 12,000 are five years old or less, with the expectation of higher yields and productivity in the coming years.

In Jalisco there are approximately 3,100 producers and avocados are harvested throughout the year, with lower volumes from March to May.

85% of the orchards are irrigated (both by drip and by micro-sprinklers), and most of the avocado production occurs in orchards of at least 10 hectares, with 50% of the total area planted in the hands of 15 to 20 producers.

The state of Jalisco grows between 400 and 500 trees per hectare and uses precision agriculture, such as the use of drones, to obtain information on the health of the fruit.


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