Avocado exports from Mexico break record in 2020

Although marginally, Mexico‘s avocado exports broke a record in 2020, amounting to 2,937 million dollars.

Avocado tops the list of the country’s main agri-food exports, surpassing tomatoes, peppers and pork.

Before, in 2019, avocado exports were for 2,932 million dollars.

Globally, Hass is the predominant avocado variety marketed.

In Mexico, exporters source their fruit from the producing regions of Michoacán and Jalisco.

Avocado exports

Although it is generally more significant from September to June in Michoacán and from June to January in Jalisco, the Mexican avocado harvest is year-round.

During the last five years, from 2016 to 2020, avocado exports from Mexico have registered an annual average of 2,048 million dollars, according to data from the Ministry of Economy.

The Mexican avocado crop typically has three to four blooms in a single year.

Once a purchase price is tentatively agreed upon, the fruit is harvested and delivered to the packinghouses of the exporting companies located in Mexico.

Companies also purchase fruit directly from other Mexican packers as a supplemental source, and that fruit is packed to standards for shipment to customer or operational facilities.

US market

In California, the United States, the growing area extends from San Diego County to Monterey County, with most of the growing areas located approximately 100 miles north and south of Los County. Angels

California-grown Hass avocados are generally available year-round, with peak production periods occurring from April to August.

Other important growing areas from which US companies have sourced avocados include Peru and Colombia.

The shelf life of fresh avocados (once harvested from the tree) is limited, usually ranging from one to four weeks, depending on the maturity of the fruit, the growing methods used, and the handling conditions in the chain of distribution.


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