Atlacomulco-Polotitlán highway: ruling is being prepared

The government of the State of Mexico is preparing the decision on the new Atlacomulco-Polotitlán highway project for September 23.

In general, the project consists of the design, construction, operation, maintenance, conservation and exploitation of the A-4 type highway.

Previously, the announcement of the call for bids was on August 9, 2022, and then the receipt of proposals occurred on September 14.

In addition, the specifications of the highway include a crown width of 22 meters and will have 4 lanes of traffic, two in each direction, 3.5 meters wide, outer shoulders of 3.0 meters wide, inner shoulders of 1.0 meter and a barrier separating the two directions.

It must also have a construction of 4 overpasses and incorporates 1 railroad crossing, 11 bridges and 3 viaducts, starting the route in the Toluca-Polotitlán federal highway at the height of San Francisco and concludes in Polotitlán with a junction in the Mexico-Querétaro Highway, with a total length of 82.80 kilometers, affecting the municipalities of Atlacomulco, Acambay, Aculco and Ixtlahuaca, in the State of Mexico.

The type of project is public-private, through a state concession for 30 years; it will be awarded through an international public bidding process, and the source of investment financing is 100% private.

Atlacomulco-Polotitlán Highway

The State of Mexico currently has an important and functional road and rail communications and transportation network.

However, there are opportunities to consolidate greater investments through local government resources or, where regulatory provisions allow, with the support of private resources in primary road networks that facilitate the interconnectivity of communities in the State of Mexico.

According to the government of the State of Mexico, the development of road and highway infrastructure is fundamental to enhance the development and capacities of the State.

Through infrastructure, the population, goods, products and services are mobilized to the various regions of the country.

The road infrastructure has been strengthened with actions to increase and maintain traffic conditions, which favors the development of industrial, commercial, tourist, cultural and service activities.

The government considers that the Project could generate economic benefits in the municipalities of Atlacomulco, Acambay, Aculco, Ixtlahuaca, Jocotitlán and Polotitlán in the north of the State of Mexico, improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the same area of influence, solve the problems that have been arising in terms of traffic and vehicular load in the area where it will be built, as well as provide infrastructure for better sustainable, efficient, quality and safe mobility.


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