ASA will make new investments in airports in Mexico

In the next five years, Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA) will invest resources for the expansion and modernization of its air terminals and fuel stations, in accordance with the Institutional Program of Airports and Auxiliary Services 2020-2024, published this Tuesday in the newspaper Official of the Federation (DOF).

Airports and among the main actions of ASA, the following stand out:

  • Expansion and modernization works of the Chetumal International Airport, which will generate significant development for the benefit of the region. It is relevant to note that the main works for said aerodrome are the expansion of the passenger building and the construction of a new control tower.
  • Modernization of the Tamuín National Airport, in order to promote the development of the Huasteca Potosina, in support of tourism and regional strengthening.
  • New terminal at Puerto Escondido International Airport, considered and projected for current and future needs, and with the possibility of expanding with the growth of demand. It is intended to invest in a new generation work, that is, an infrastructure with an architectural design according to the typology of the region, adding a sustainable concept for the control of energy resources, for the benefit of the environment. In this way, a site with an airport and tourist identity will be achieved, with potential growth, and with a specific market. The new passenger terminal at the Puerto Escondido airport constitutes a strategy to trigger the economic development of the region and attention to the growth of air traffic in the destination for the coming years.
  • Expansion of passenger buildings at Tepic, Colima and Ciudad del Carmen airports. Important actions that will make it possible to contribute to the demand for passengers at rush hour, which exceeds the installed capacity in the terminal building of said airports and causes saturation in the last waiting and baggage claim rooms, causing a decrease in the level of service offered to passengers.
  • Rehabilitation of the pavements of the taxiway runway and apron system at the Puerto Escondido, Tepic, Puebla, Colima and Ciudad del Carmen airports. These actions will raise the level of service and comfort for users, as well as the level of security for aircraft. In particular, the works planned for the Tepic airport will increase connectivity to tourist destinations in the Riviera Nayarita.
  • Airports and Auxiliary Services will participate in the regional development project of the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec through the modernization of the Ixtepec airport, when required.
  • Modernization of the fuel stations in Mexico and Cancun, to meet the demand for fuel supply and improve the operation of the storage system, in the areas of hydrant network, risk mitigation systems, automation and control, as well as process pipes.
  • Construction of the new fuel station at the San José del Cabo airport, in order to pay attention to the medium and long-term storage requirements, in accordance with the minimum inventory policy established by SENER.
  • Expansion of the storage capacity of the airports of Bajío, Chetumal, Ciudad Juárez, Culiacán, Oaxaca, Puebla and Querétaro, in order to align the storage infrastructure to the growing demand for aviation fuels.
  • Modernization of the aviation fuel supply vehicle fleet, with the aim of increasing reliability, lowering maintenance costs and aligning them with international standards in the handling of jet fuel and gas aircraft.



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