Artificial intelligence summit and technology forum announced

The Group of 7 (G7) announced the scheduling of a global summit on artificial intelligence and a forum on technology.

Building on the work of the Global Alliance for Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) promoted by the G7 of Canada and France in 2018 and 2019, a goal of the G7 is to bring all partners together around its “open and focused approach. human being “for artificial intelligence.

Thus, the GPAI Summit is now expected in Paris in November 2021.

To support effective standard setting that reflect the core values ​​and principles of the G7, its member countries indicated that they will strengthen their coordination, including through consultations with industry, regarding engagement and appointments with Standards Development Organizations, where appropriate.

Artificial intelligence

At the same time, as part of the outcomes of the Leaders Summit, held over the weekend in the UK, the G7 pledged to better share information and best practices, including among their national standards bodies; enhance capacity building, and support multi-stakeholder participation in standard setting.

To this end, the G7 endorses the Internal Collaborative Framework on Digital Technical Standards.


The G7 called on the private sector to join in the efforts and, together, reaffirm their support for inclusive industry-led multi-stakeholder approaches to standard setting, in line with its values ​​and principles that underpin these. standards.

As such, the G7 welcomed the initiative of the Presidency of a “Future Tech Forum” in September 2021 with the support of the OECD.

The Forum will bring together like-minded “democratic partners” to discuss the role of technology in supporting open societies and addressing global challenges.

The Forum will support efforts to mitigate the risk of regulatory fragmentation and to facilitate the coherence of its emerging technology ecosystems, and will invite proposals for consideration by leaders in the appropriate global forums.


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