ARTF de México coordinates studies of the García Monterrey Airport Suburban Train

Mexico‘s Railway Transport Regulatory Agency (ARTF) coordinates studies for the García Monterrey Airport Suburban Train.

Among other matters, the ARTF regulates the operation of the railways, rights of way and way, competition between carriers and the rates that can be charged.

García Monterrey Airport Suburban Train

No new concessions were made in Mexico during 2019 and 2020.

The studies are about the pre-investment and basic engineering of the García Monterrey Airport Suburban Train, which, due to its characteristics of mixed-track use, seeks to be the first of its kind in the American continent.

The ARTF also carried out studies at the profile level, initial basic engineering and improvement works at crossings at the level of the Metropolitan Light Train of the Capital Region in Xalapa, a project that will improve the mobility of 740 thousand inhabitants in the region.

In addition, in coordination with local governments, ARTF began studies at the profile level of the Naucalpan-Buenavista Light Rail and is working on managing resources for pre-investment studies.

From the perspective of the federal government, in the last 20 years the railway sector has resumed its role as an indispensable mode of transport for the movement of people and goods, through infrastructure projects with high economic and social impact.

From September 2020 to June 2021, the following actions stand out:


Line 3 of the Guadalajara Light Train was inaugurated on September 12, 2020, with a length of 21.5 kilometers.


A resource reallocation agreement was signed with Mexico City for the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train, for 900 million pesos.

In construction there is a physical advance of 75.2%, while the financial advance is 74 percent.

As of June 30, 2021, the progress of civil works by section is: Section I: 99.9%, Section II Bitunel: 100%, Section III CDMX: 52.8%, Section III SCT: 98.5% conclusion of the PIV La Venta, Section IV : track and catenary is 45.1% and Section V workshops and garages: 100 percent.


Work was carried out in coordination with the Ministry of National Defense on the connectivity and conceptual project for the construction of the 23-kilometer-long branch of the Suburban Train from Lechería to the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport.

To this end, studies and projects for the expansion of Line 1 and the steps for the release of the right of way began.

In the short term, it will serve the passengers, workers and service providers of the new airport, as well as local passengers and military personnel from the Santa Lucía air base.


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