Arca Continental: market share in Mexico

As of December 31, 2022, Arca Continental‘s market share in the territories served in Mexico was 72.2% in soft drink sales volume.

At the same time, its share was 58.4% for total non-alcoholic beverages, according to Nielsen data.

The company believes that its strategic and leading market position in a highly competitive industry allows it to continue strengthening the presence of its products in all distribution channels.

In Mexico, Arca Continental’s main competitors are the bottlers of Pepsi-Cola products.

There are also other competitors such as Peñafiel (Cadbury Schweppes), Jarritos and other «B» brand bottlers, such as Big Cola, among others.

The main competing products are «Pepsi Cola», «Pepsi-Cola Light», «Mirinda», «Seven Up», «Manzanita Sol», «Kas», «Jarritos» and «Big Cola».

In bottled water, the company’s main competitors are the bottlers of Pepsi-Cola, who market it under the «Electropura» brand, and Grupo Danone, which markets it under the «Bonafont» brand.

Arca Continental is a company engaged in the production, marketing, distribution and sale of soft drinks and dairy products of the brands owned or licensed by TCCC in various territories in Mexico, the United States, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador.

Market share

The company is the second largest bottler in the Americas in terms of sales and volume of beverages of the brands owned by or licensed to TCCC, as well as one of the top five bottlers worldwide in terms of sales volume.

Among the brands of those beverages are «Coca-Cola», «Sprite», «Fanta», «Diet Coke», «Powerade», «Topo Chico», «Inca Kola» and «Ciel».

All of the above, based on publicly available information from TCCC and various bottlers of its brands.

Arca Continental is the first Mexican bottler with operations in the United States. It serves a population of more than 128 million people in the territories in which it operates.

We also produce and distribute salty and sweet snacks and candies under the BOKADOS and CHARRAS brands in several Mexican states, as well as salty snacks under the WISE, Deep River and Carolina Country Snacks brands in the United States, and sweet and salty snacks under the INALECSA brand in Ecuador.


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