Apple imports are concentrated in Red Delicious, Gala and Golden Delicious

The Mexican apple import market is usually dominated by the Red Delicious, Gala and Golden Delicious varieties from the United States.

The United States Department of Commerce (USDA) highlights that the United States apple industry has launched marketing campaigns to increase the consumption of Washington Gala in areas with high purchasing power of consumers in Monterrey and other cities in northern Mexico.

In general, apple consumption in Mexico is driven by the retail sector, which represents 54% of domestic consumption.

According to SIAP, the annual consumption is 7.6 kg per person.

While Mexican consumers like the size, color, and consistency of American apples, Mexican apples are considered sweeter, flavorful, and less crunchy.

Apple imports

When prices are favorable, consumers prefer the domestically produced Golden Delicious or Durango varieties.

Processing apples are primarily used for juice.

Producers prefer to sell fresh for higher profits, and the remaining supplies are sold to processing facilities.

Apple imports in Mexico totaled 173,705 tons from January to July 2020, of which 171,020 came from the United States.

In terms of value, these apple imports were for 163.8 million dollars (161.4 million) corresponded to the United States.


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