ANAM will have new powers in Mexican customs

The National Customs Agency (ANAM) will have new powers in customs matters in Mexico, in accordance with the decree that creates it.

Among these new powers are those that mainly attend to its figure as a decentralized body endowed with technical, operational and administrative autonomy, such as:

  • Issue and issue general provisions and administrative agreements necessary for the application of laws and treaties on customs matters.
  • Sign inter-institutional agreements.
  • Propose for higher approval the customs administration policy and execute the actions for its application.

In addition, ANAM will coordinate with the armed forces and national security and public security institutions and may hire personnel who belong or have belonged to the armed forces.


On July 14, the Mexican government published a Decree that creates ANAM as a decentralized administrative body of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and separate from the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

To justify this, the government said that it is convenient to carry out actions that strengthen national security, mainly at points of access to the country, preferably considering the hiring of personnel who have stood out for being «guarantors of transparency, honesty and service to the people. from Mexico».

On the other hand, its transitory provisions provide that the General Customs Administrator in office at the time of the entry into force of the corresponding Decree, will act as the first holder of ANAM, who may be freely removed by the President of the Republic, and appoint another at the proposal of the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, as long as it complies with various requirements provided by the Decree.

The National Customs Agency will count the movable and immovable property, material, technological and financial resources that are assigned to it.

It will also have the funds and trusts that are constituted or in which it participates on behalf of the SHCP for such purposes; Income obtained from the provision of services and execution expenses, and assignments established by the Expenditure Budget of the Federation.