AMF: in Mexico there were 687 rail-related road accidents in 2020

In Mexico there were 687 railroad-related road accidents in 2020, reported the Mexican Railroad Association (AMF).

The data was released in the context of the Rail Safety Week 2021, which aims to prevent accidents on cruise ships at level, as well as in the vicinity of railway facilities.

Thus, this is the second time that Mexico has joined the campaign that has been carried out since 2017 in the United States and Canada with the Operation Lifesaver organization.

In Mexico there are about 10,000 crossings where the railroad tracks converge on a road, street or highway.

Of these, according to the AMF, 30% correspond to irregular crossings, largely due to the disorderly growth of some cities or towns, which represents a latent risk for people who are not careful when crossing.

«If You See Via, Think about the Train, to take care of your life,» emphasized the AMF.

Mexico ranks eleventh in the world in terms of density of rail freight transported.


The train transports products and supplies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The layout of the railways in Mexico dates from the early nineteenth century and today these tracks make up a network of 23,389 kilometers.

However, in most cases, population growth has invaded the space destined to the transit and safe operation of the train and has generated new and greater needs to cross the tracks or rail yards.

The law assigns the task of maintaining the crossings to the authorities in charge of each new road that crosses the road, that is, the federation, the state or the municipality.

Likewise, the Traffic Regulations on Federal Highways and Bridges establishes that vehicles that move on the rails always have right of way over others, which is because a train requires more than a kilometer of distance to be able to stop completely. .