América Móvil and Telefónica lose internet service in Mexico

América Móvil and Telefónica lost market share in internet service in Mexico in 2019, according to data from the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT).

Compared to 2018, América Móvil’s share went from 70.7 to 69.9%, while Telefónica’s share decreased from 11.7 to 11.3 percent.

In contrast, the AT&T portion increased from 15.6 to 17.1%, comparing the same years.

Finally, the Virtual Mobile Organizations (OMV) saw their share increase from 2 to 2.1 percent.

Specifically, Freedom had a share of 0.7%, followed by Oui (0.6%), Virgin Mobile (0.2%), QBO Cel (0.2%), Weex (0.1%), Flash Mobile (0.1%) and others (0.1 per hundred).

Other OMVs include Maxcom, Bueno Cell, Megacable, Simpati, Cierto, Her Mobile, Neus Mobile, Maz Tiempo, Simplii, Toka Movil, Six Movil, Airbus and Miio.

At the end of last year, 97 million 435,341 lines of mobile Internet access were reported nationwide.

América Móvil

Leader in this indicator in Mexico, the company provides telecommunications services in 25 countries in Latin America, the United States of America, the Caribbean and Europe.

América Móvil’s telecommunication services include fixed and mobile voice services, fixed and mobile data services, internet access, pay television and OTT (over the top) services, as well as other related services.

América Móvil also sells equipment, accessories and computers.

Likewise, offers sales of video, audio and other multimedia content that are distributed via the internet directly by the content provider to the end consumer.

Fixed internet access service

From the first quarter of 2017, operators are required to deliver the disaggregation of accesses between Residential and Non-Residential only at the national level. Therefore, the distribution of such information at the state level is estimated based on the historical distribution.

For the following operators, the breakdown of accesses by speed range from 1Q 2017 to 4Q 2018 was estimated based on the historical distribution provided by each operator: Aire Cable, Alestra, Axesat México, Cable Sistema de Victoria, Comunicable, CV Telecomunicaciones del Norte , Ip Matrix, Marcatel, Maxcom, Megacable Comunicaciones, Pegaso, Sky, Star Tv, Tele Azteca, Telecable de Matehuala, Tv Rey and Ultravisión.

This is because these concessionaires have less than 200 thousand accesses to the fixed Internet service and are not obliged to report said information for the referred periods.

In this way, the operators with less than 200,000 accesses for which there is no historical information and it is not possible to estimate the disaggregation of accesses by speed are: AT&T, Dish, Edilar, Ientc and Netwey.