Alibaba’s Taobao dwarfs Amazon

Alibaba’s Taobao dwarfed Amazon in 2019, as the former had gross merchandise revenue of $ 538 billion, compared to Amazon’s $ 339 billion.

In turn, PayPal is the most widely accepted digital payment method for North American merchants, with cross-border transactions accounting for 18% of their payments in 2019.

Meanwhile, in China, Alipay from Alibaba is the preferred payment method.

While a larger share of Chinese internet users shop online, 34% of online shoppers in the United States made cross-border purchases, while only 7% of Chinese people did, according to an analysis by the US Congress.


The People’s Republic of China (PRC) and India regulate the businesses and operations of Amazon and its affiliates in the country through regulations and license requirements that may restrict foreign investment and the operation of the Internet, IT infrastructure, hubs data, retail, delivery and other sectors; Internet content, and the sale of media and other products and services.

For example, to meet local ownership, regulatory licensing, and cybersecurity requirements, the company provides certain technology services in China through contractual relationships with third parties that have licenses from the PRC to provide services.

In India, the government restricts the ownership or control of Indian companies by foreign entities involved in online multi-brand retail activities, such as Amazon.

For www.amazon.in, the company provides certain marketing tools and logistics services to outside vendors so that they can sell online and deliver to customers, and has indirect minority interests in entities that are outside vendors at www.amazon.in in the market.

Although the company believes that these structures and activities comply with existing laws, they pose unique risks, and the PRC and India may consider and implement additional changes to their regulations, licenses, or other requirements that could affect these structures and activities.



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