Alibaba Logistics has 270 partners for cross-border trade

Alibaba Logistics has 270 partners in cross-border trade to be able to deliver orders in 72 hours anywhere in the world.

To this end, Cainiao Network, a subsidiary of Alibaba, has developed a strong and expanding network of assets, including Lazada’s logistics division, and partners to support merchants in their cross-border and global retail businesses, primarily AliExpress, Tmall Global and Lazada.

For example, from an import point of view from China, Cainiao Network is focused on developing cross-border fulfillment solutions for Tmall Global, using a combination of customs warehouses in China and drop shipping from markets outside of mainland China.

In terms of exporting to China, Cainiao Network serves businesses on the AliExpress platform by providing attractive, convenient and direct logistics channels with “good value” for money to deliver packages to consumers around the world.

As of March 31, 2021, Cainiao Network partnered with more than 270 logistics partners to provide fulfillment services globally.

Cainiao Network continues to develop its capabilities as a global fulfillment network and its average daily cross-border package volume for the month ending March 31, 2021 exceeded 5 million.

Alibaba logistics

As this company continues to expand its businesses from commerce to cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, among other sectors, Alibaba has grown into a unique, energetic and innovative ecosystem.

Moving forward, Alibaba has set medium-term goals for fiscal 2024: continue to expand its globalization efforts, serve more than 1 billion consumers through its consumer business in China, and facilitate more than RMB 10 trillion of consumption. annually on their platforms.

Alibaba sees the goals for fiscal year 2024 moving it closer to achieving its vision for fiscal year 2036: serving 2 billion global consumers, enabling 10 million businesses to be profitable, and creating 100 million jobs.

Overall, Alibaba Logistics seeks to further strengthen the capabilities of its global network.

The vision for its logistics services is to fulfill consumer orders within 24 hours in China and within 72 hours elsewhere in the world.


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