Alibaba encourages employees to participate in community service

Chinese multinational technology company Alibaba encourages its employees to participate in community service.

Alibaba is specialized in e-commerce, retail, Internet and technology.

Since 2010, the company has established a fund to promote environmental awareness and conservation, as well as other corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Additionally, since September 2015, the company encourages its employees to perform a minimum of three hours of community service each year.

In fiscal 2021, all Alibaba partners set an example and completed at least three hours of community service.

For example, “Reunion”, a platform that Alibaba employees jointly developed with the Ministry of Public Security, connects Alibaba’s mobile applications and the mobile applications of its partners to help locate missing children in China.

From its initial launch in May 2016 to May 15, 2021, “Reunion” has helped law enforcement authorities solve more than 98% of the cases of missing children announced through the platform, and has successfully found 4,707 children.

Community service

Over the years, Alibaba partners have started five charitable foundations that support various social needs.

For example, the charitable foundation “Hupan Modou” (湖畔 魔 豆) provides mothers in rural China with systematic parenting guidance, allowing their children to have equitable development opportunities.

Since its founding, the fund has established 33 parenting and childcare education centers and gas stations in three less developed areas.

The company also leverages its ecosystem to expand the reach of its charitable initiatives and encourage merchants, consumers and other ecosystem participants to participate in community service.

For example, in support of the annual United Nations International Day of Charity on September 5 of each year, Alibaba organized the “95th Week of Philanthropy” where it initiated multiple public charitable activities.


Charities can also set up shop windows in their markets to raise funds and interact with volunteers.

Merchants in the China and Tmall Global retail markets can designate a percentage of the sales revenue generated on their platforms to go to charities.

Consumers can contribute to charitable causes by purchasing products of public interest, participating in charity auctions hosted on their platforms, or by making direct donations.

Through its China retail markets, Alibaba supports approximately 2.5 million merchants and 500 million users to participate in the financing of domestic and foreign charitable projects and we enable charities to raise more than RMB 540 million in fiscal year 2021 .


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