Air transport: Aeroméxico and Estafeta gain; Aerounión and Mas Air lose

Aeroméxico and Estafeta gained while Aerounión and Mas Air lost in their levels of cargo transported in scheduled service by domestic airlines in Mexico during 2022, according to data from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT).

Topping all companies in this ranking, Aeromexico transported 112,200 tons, up 29.6% year-on-year.

This was followed by Mas Air (96,000 tons, -6.6%), Aerounión (57,600 tons, -19.4%) and Estafeta (39,300 tons, +8.3%).

Other competitors are Volaris and Viva Aerobus.


In sum, cargo transported in scheduled service by domestic airlines was 348,500 tons in 2022, that is 3.8 percent more over 2021.

In particular, Aeromexico transports cargo in three ways: inside its aircraft on commercial itinerary flights, in the compartments of other airlines through space blocking contracts, and in the charter flight mode, in which an aircraft of the fleet is fully dedicated to the development of a cargo flight without passengers, transporting cargo even in the passenger cabin, placing boxes on seats, under seats and in overhead luggage compartments.

For example, during 2021 Aeromexico developed 104 exclusive cargo flights under charter contract; Asia and South America being the main markets for this niche business that emerged in the wake of the pandemic in April 2020.

Aeroméxico’s concession was granted by the SICT in March 2000 and Aeroméxico Connect’s concession was granted by the SICT in October 2000.

These concessions allow us to provide public scheduled air transportation service for passengers, cargo and mail for a term of 30 years from the date of grant.

In the case of international permits, they are granted on the basis of applicable bilateral air transportation agreements and are treated on a case-by-case basis.

Grupo Aeroméxico is the holding company of a group of subsidiaries, which include companies that provide public air transportation services for people and goods (including charter and cargo services) inside and outside Mexico and, to a lesser extent, the provision of services related to air operations.

Grupo Aeroméxico has a 100% interest in Aerovías de México and Aeroméxico Cargo.


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