Agricultural Workers: Mexico leads shipments to Canada

Mexico remains the leading country of origin under Canada‘s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, often cited as a model for international labor mobility agreements.

Indeed, the Canadian government indicated that during 2021, a record 32,975 temporary foreign workers (TFW) were welcomed to Canada despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

This recognizes the fundamental role that Mexican citizens play as a source of labor for Canada, specifically in sustaining the national agricultural sector.

Agricultural workers

The number of Mexican citizens participating in the TFW program has increased 17.6% in the last five years.

Overall, the people-to-people connections between the two countries are undeniable.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Canada remains the second country of origin for visitors to Mexico after the United States, with more than half a million Canadians traveling to Mexico in 2021.

Now the Canadian government hopes that a progressive post-pandemic recovery will finally bring visitor numbers back to reach a record of more than 2.3 million Canadian visitors to Mexico in 2019.

A significant number of Canadians, particularly retirees, have purchased property in Mexico and spend extended periods of time there.

From south to north

The pandemic continues to affect the number of visitors to Mexico. More than 87,000 Mexicans visited Canada in 2021. Before the pandemic, Canada had seen a significant increase in visitors from Mexico. Around 510,000 Mexicans visited Canada during 2019.

On another edge, academic and cultural ties are essential components of the bilateral relationship.

Canada welcomed 14,435 Mexican students in 2021, an increase of more than 10,000 students in 2020.

Additionally, in 2020, more than 4,000 Mexican students participated in short-term language courses that do not require a student permit.

There is a significant amount of ongoing academic collaboration and exchange. There are more than 300 Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between Canadian and Mexican higher education institutions, primarily facilitating academic exchanges, as well as a number of MOUs between Canadian educational associations and Mexican government agencies.


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