Agri-food exports of the European Union

Agri-food exports from the European Union (EU) reached 229.8 billion euros (+31.7 billion euros compared to 2021, +16 percent), according to information from the European Commission.

In particular, the United Kingdom remains by far the top destination for EU exports, accounting for one-fifth of the bloc’s total exports.

The United States ranks second, with 13 percent of EU exports in 2022, and China completes the trio with a coverage of 7 percent.

Corresponding external sales from the EU to the UK reached €47.8 billion.

Compared to 2021, there was an increase of €5.9 billion, 14 percent higher.

Export values of all agri-food categories increased, except for two (fruits and nuts, horticulture).

The largest increase in 2022 was recorded for cereal preparations and milling products (+1.1 billion euros year-on-year).

This was followed by dairy products and fruit, nut and vegetable preparations, with a year-on-year increase of more than €0.5 billion.

This is largely due to an increase in prices, as the quantities shipped remained relatively stable.

In quantitative terms, exports of several agri-food categories (cereals, horticulture and vegetables) declined.

Agri-food exports

EU exports to the United States reached €28.9 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of €4.4 billion (+18 percent).

The main products exported were wine and wine-based products (€5.0 billion, +11 percent year-on-year), spirits and liqueurs (€3.8 billion, +16 percent) and cereal preparations and milling products (€2.7 billion, +38 percent).

EU exports to China fell in 2022 to €15.8 billion.

This is a year-on-year decline of 8 percent (-1.4 billion euros), the largest of all the EU’s trading partners.

The decline has been massive in the quantities of pork exported (-982,000 t, -40%), which has translated into a drop in value (-1.9 billion euros).

Even so, EU pork is the main product exported to China by value, now close behind cereal preparations and milling products (with €3.3 billion).


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