Aeroméxico is more sensitive than Volaris to FAA announcement

Aeroméxico is more sensitive than Volaris to the announcement by the United States aeronautical authorities (Federal Aviation Administration –FAA-) about the degradation of the air safety rating in Mexico, according to an analysis published by Monex.

Namely, the degradation corresponds to a Category 2 level from Category 1.

In the analysis, it is considered that said news could have a negative impact on the recovery of the air sector in Mexico at the level of International Traffic, mainly in terms of airlines (in the event that said degradation was extended for a prolonged period), by be in the period of gradual recovery (the United States is the most important destination for Mexico).

In particular, Aeromexico shows greater sensitivity at the level of International Traffic, while Volaris has shown a favorable recovery, so that both stations could present a pause in the advance of international traffic.


On May 25, the FAA announced the downgrading of the air safety rating in Mexico, after an audit that resulted in non-compliance with various safety measures provided by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The degradation implies that Mexican airlines such as Aeroméxico and Volaris are prohibited from generating new services or routes to the North American country, as well as the sale of flights with shared codes with US airlines.

However, airlines maintain the current operating pace.

The United States represents the largest volume of International Passenger Traffic with Mexico.

From the perspective of this analysis, the recovery estimates, at the level of international tourists for the year 2021 contemplate an adjustment from -40.0 to -45.0% vs 2019.

In addition, the United States is the country with the highest generation in terms of Foreign Exchange Income in Mexico.

It is worth mentioning that in the first quarter, Foreign Currency Income from tourism still showed a decline of up to 60.0%, at the interannual rate.



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