Adidas: Impossible is Nothing and Lionel Messi

In Fall/Winter 2021, Adidas continued its «Impossible is Nothing» campaign, with more stories centered around «innovation» with the adizero franchise and «credibility» with Lionel Messi, Peres Jepchirchir and Candace Parker.

In 2021, Adidas relaunched the Impossible is Nothing brand campaign to powerfully demonstrate the brand’s attitude of rebellious optimism told through the stories of sports marketing partners and entertainment influencers across all categories globally.

After Impossible is Nothing was originally introduced in 2004 (with Muhammad Ali), this time it was introduced to a new generation of athletes, artists, and consumers.

When the company relaunched its Impossible is Nothing brand campaign in spring 2021, optimism around the world was in short supply.

However, Adidas chose to see possibilities.

The company revealed that it has partnered with athletes and artists from around the world to share their stories of hope, inclusion, sustainability and belonging, inspiring all people to see their own possibilities.

The Impossible is Nothing attitude brand launched in 50 countries, resulting in over 1 billion social media views, garnering over 18 million interactions.

Thus, the campaign connected with people who see themselves and their own history in the narrative.


In general, according to this company, product campaigns are created to focus on a specific product franchise (for example, Ultraboost or Forum).

These campaigns are driven by a clear performance or style benefit and are expressed through storytelling about the products’ unique selling propositions.

Additional business content is driving conversion at the point of sale (in-store and online) by highlighting a product feature or benefit for key items, volume drivers, and key franchises.

Additionally, building on the success of «Members Week 2020», Adidas held this week-long digital festival twice in 2021 to celebrate the best of Adidas, bringing together some of the biggest artists and athletes for members. consumers.

In particular, Members’ Week in August kicked off with a celebration of Lionel Messi, as well as the Ivy Park Rodeo Collection.


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