Acoustic device industry in China: projections to 2025


‘s acoustic device market will register a compound annual growth rate of 15.6% and reach about $7.23 billion by 2025, according to projections by the Newsijie Research Center, referenced by Datasea Company.

The rapid expansion of China’s acoustic device industry is detailed in the «China Acoustic Device Market Feasibility Study Report 2021-2025,» published by Newsijie Research Center.

Datasea is a leading provider of products, services and solutions in three converging and innovative sectors: 5G messaging, acoustic intelligence and smart city for enterprise and retail customers.

At the core of Datasea’s business strategy is to be the leading technology solutions provider.

Through technological breakthroughs, the company can enable a new type of affordable connectivity available to the masses, especially in China, as there are more than 48.42 million enterprises and businesses of all types and more than 99% are SMEs.

Datasea holds 27 patents registered in the People’s Republic of China and 77 software copyrights, including 20 pending patent applications in core technologies.

In particular, the company is a pioneer in acoustic intelligence and 5G messaging applications, and has visual intelligent algorithms as well as non-visual intelligent algorithms and techniques, such as acoustic intelligence.

Acoustic device

By embracing artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics capabilities, Datasea’s intelligence takes insights, makes them actionable and then creates more powerful, meaningful and higher performing products over time.

Datasea, through its VIE, Shuhai Information Technology Co (Shuhai Beijing), operates in China and the VIE owns seven subsidiaries to explore business possibilities.

The company owns proprietary and cutting-edge technologies, which build a solid foundation for Datasea to design, develop and supply one of the broadest ranges of solutions in each category.

With the integration of acoustic intelligence, Datasea has developed solutions based on a customer-centric strategy. The company has completed certification of proprietary technology, received testimonials from leading laboratories and has applied for patents from the Chinese government for ultrasonic sound air disinfection equipment.

Datasea also plans to apply for UL certification, TUV certification, as well as RED, CE and ROHS certifications to demonstrate the quality of its product and help launch its product in international markets, including the United States and Europe.


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