10 Canadian technology companies carry out mission to Mexico

A total of 10 technology companies will participate in the launch of the first mission of the “Canadian Technology Accelerator” (CTA) program to Mexico, focused on the Smart Cities sector.

The participants have technologies and solutions in different fields of the Smart Cities sector, such as urban mobility, lights, smart buildings, citizen participation, security and emergency services (including in some cases health issues and solutions related to Covid-19) and clean technologies, among others.

The CTA is a global business development program of the Service and Trade Delegates of the Ministry of Global Affairs of Canada.

Established in 2009, the CTA program supports the international scaling of companies with high growth potential in the cleantech, health sciences, and information and communication technology sectors.

To date, the program has had more than 574 participants, has raised $ 646 million in capital, generated $ 238 million in revenue, and through the CTA, 1,128 strategic alliances and 2,529 new jobs have been created.

10 weeks

Coordinated by the Embassy of Canada in Mexico, the program allows Canadian companies and entrepreneurs to access detailed market “intelligence” information, strategic advice, and privileged access to key contacts in Mexico’s IT ecosystem.

The 10-week virtual program is aimed at companies actively seeking to open and accelerate their entry into the Mexican market through “tailored” webinars, mentoring, networking opportunities, and meetings with potential buyers, potential strategic partners, and local distributors across the country. .

The mentoring will be provided by an innovation and acceleration specialist, equipping participating technology companies with the necessary advice to present their technologies effectively to Mexican counterparts.

«We are very happy and proud to start the first CTA mission in Mexico,» said Jean-Dominique Ieraci, Chief of the Commercial Section of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico.

Technology companies

The CTA program hopes that this select group of technology companies can successfully establish themselves in the country and collaborate with the Mexican industry, ”he added.

The technology companies participating in the first CTA in Mexico are:
  1. eQuake Systems Inc. (Calgary, AB) which has an earthquake detection device that measures ground movements and immediately shuts down systems and utilities.
  2. Ethelo Decisions Inc. (Vancouver, BC.) Which has the world’s leading digital platform for local governments and public institutions.
  3. Geotab Inc. (Oakville, ON), a leading telematics company that has the best solutions for the management of vehicle fleets of all sizes, both for private companies and public institutions.
  4. IBI Group. (Toronto, ON) through a multidisciplinary approach, IBI Group is a leader in the emerging application of technology in the planning, implementation and operation of smart cities.
  5. LED Roadway Lighting. (Halifax, NS), with over a decade of experience designing, manufacturing, deploying and operating state-of-the-art smart lighting and sensors for cities.
  6. Runwithit Synthetics Inc. (Sherwood Park, AB) provides a very sophisticated model based on Artificial Intelligence towards reducing risks, and that applies to buildings, schools, infrastructure, weather, and emergencies (including health care such as COVID -19), among others.
  7. Soluxium Technologies. (Mascouche, QC) offers innovative and creative solutions in the field of solar energy, with devices and technologies that can serve communities, government agencies or companies.
  8. Solvaqua Inc. (Calgary, AB) has a disruptive technology to recover drinking water directly from wastewater, reducing waste and capturing both organics, oils, fats and suspended solids, separating them from the water.
  9. Traffic Innovation. (Sainte-Eustache, QC) offers innovative technology, products and services to improve safety and traffic flow in cities and on roads.
  10. Turnip Home Ltd. (Edmonton, AB) has hardware and software designed to provide automatic updates, ensuring, among other things, permanent access to the latest in home and building security technology.


The launch of the first CTA mission is also relevant, as it happens only two months after the Mexico-United States-Canada Treaty (TMEC) entered into force. This program seeks to foster collaboration between Canadian companies and Mexican entities in the field of innovation and technology.