USITC approves elevator imports investigation

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) approved an import investigation of certain elevators and telehandlers originating in China.

With this, the USITC determined that there are reasonable indications that the imports of these products, called mobile access equipment (MAE, for its acronym in English), from China are causing material injury or threat of material injury to a manufacturing industry. USA.

To be more precise, the products comprise the classifications 8427.10.80, 8427.20.80, 8427.90.00 and 8431.20.00 of the Harmonized System.

This implies that these products are possibly sold in the United States at a lower than fair value and are subsidized by the Chinese government.

Initially, on February 26, 2021, the Coalition of American Manufacturers of Mobile Access Equipment (CAMMAE) filed petitions with the USITC and the Department of Commerce, alleging that an industry in the United States is seriously injured and threatened with significant harm. .

Consequently, as of February 26, 2021, the USITC initiated the countervailing duty investigation and the anti-dumping duty investigation.

Members of the Coalition of American Manufacturers of Mobile Access Equipment are: JLG Industries, Inc. and Terex Corporation.


The following respondents provided testimony, appeared at the hearing accompanied by an attorney, and submitted a joint post-conference brief:

  • Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co.
  • Ltd., Hunan Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Mantall Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Lingong Group Jinan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • LGMG North America Inc.
  • The China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.

California Manufacturing and Engineering Company (MEC), a domestic MAE producer and subject merchandise importer from China, presented testimony and appeared at the conference.


MAE is a machinery that combines a self-propelled mobile chassis with a direct lifting device in order to lift people, tools or materials.

Also, the scope excludes forklifts, self-propelled mobile cranes, and motorized vehicles that incorporate scissor arm attachments or boom attachments.

Although there is a range of products classified as MAE, there are three main categories of products: (1) scissor lifts, (2) boom lifts, and (3) telehandlers.

On the one hand, scissor lifts are hydraulic platforms designed to lift vertically.

Meanwhile, boom lifts are aerial work platforms that consist of a base with an attached hydraulic lifting system that powers a crane, as well as a platform or “bucket” that is used primarily to lift a single worker.

Lastly, telehandlers, or telehandlers, are MAEs that resemble forklifts but perform operations at higher heights and greater weight capacities.

Within and between these three main MAE categories, there is wide variation in terms of size, features, and lifting capacities.


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