US Customs seize 176 fake Louis Vuitton bags

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at Washington Dulles International Airport seized nearly $ 3 million of counterfeit consumer goods on September 15, considering Manufacturer’s Suggested Selling Price (MSRP).

The shipment consisted of 74 boxes containing 4,213 belts from various designer brands, 176 Louis Vuitton bags, 39 Gucci shirts, 37 pairs of Gucci pants and six Louis Vuitton shirts.

Customs officials stopped the shipment on August 24 on suspicion of being counterfeit goods.

CBP and Apparel, Footwear and Textiles CEE’s Center of Excellence and Expertise in Consumer Products and Mass Merchandise, the agency’s trade experts, worked with trademark holders and verified that all 4,471 products were counterfeit.

Customs officials valued the goods at MSRP of $ 2,950,479, if authentic.

CBP officers seized the shipment on Tuesday.


Homeland Security Investigations agents in Dallas are conducting an investigation of the direct shipping company.

“This is a significant seizure of counterfeit consumer goods that steals revenue from trademark holders, robs consumers of the high quality they expect from designer brands, and most importantly, hits a bad seller. reputation where it hurts most: in your pocket, “said Casey Durst, director of field operations for CBP’s Baltimore field office.

“Customs and Border Protection remains steadfast in our commitment to continue working with Homeland Security Investigations and our consumer safety partners to identify and seize counterfeit and potentially dangerous commercial products and hold disreputable suppliers accountable,” he added .

Overall, the People’s Republic of China (mainland China and Hong Kong) continued to be the main source economy for seized counterfeit and pirated goods, accounting for 83% of all Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) seizures and 92% of the total. MSRP estimated value of all IPR seizures.



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