The top 47 competitors of TMM

TMM’s main competitors in the supply vessel business are Tidewater de México, Naviera Bourbon Tamaulipas, Mantenimiento Express Marítimo, Naviera Integral, Marinsa, Blue Marine Technology Group, Harvey Gulf, and Hornbeck Offshore Services de Mexico.

The company‘s largest competitor in the parcel ship business is Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group. Some other competitors in this business include Team Tankers, Ace Tankers, Eitzen, Caribbean Tankers, and Nordik Tankers.

Likewise, TMM’s competitors in the tanker business are Scorpio Tankers, Maersk Tankers, and PEMEX Refining.

Among the main highlights of TMM’s shipyard business are: Talleres Navales del Golfo, Astilleros Mexicanos JP, Astilleros de Marina Tampico, Astilleros de Marina Coatzacoalcos and Reparaciones Navales Zavala.


The company believes that the most outstanding competitiveness factors in the Maritime Operations segment are prices, flying the Mexican flag, and the availability of equipment to meet customer requirements, including the ability to provide and maintain logistical support, given the complexity of a project and the cost of transferring equipment from one market to another.

TMM also believes that it can take advantage of the opportunities that are developed for the purchase, mobilization, or upgrade of ships to cope with changing market conditions.

Port and terminal operations

TMM’s main competitors at its ports are Hutchinson Ports, SSA Mexico and Amports.

In the maritime agency business, the company’s strongest competitors are Representaciones Marítimas, Meritus and Aconsur.

The company considers that the most important competitiveness factors in the Port and Terminal Operations segment are customer service, experience and operational capabilities.

Logistics operations

In the logistics business, its core competitors are Car Logistics, Axis Logistics, Wallenius, SEGLO, Ceva Logistics, Syncreon, Keuhne-Nagel, SeSe, Amport, DHL, SSA, CPV and CSI.

In its maintenance and repair business, the company lists Container Care International, International Container Repair and Maersk Sealand as its competitors.

The company believes that the most important competitiveness factors in the logistics operations segment are price, customer service, brand name, experience, operational capabilities and cutting-edge information technology.

Warehouse operations

Its main competitors are Warehouse Mercader, Warehouse Sur, Accel, Warehouse Banorte and Affirme Warehouse.

It considers that the most important competitive factors in the Warehousing Operations segment are value-added services, competitive rates, national coverage, customer service, brand, experience, operating capacity and state-of-the-art information technology.




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