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Single – use plastic bags are back.

On January 1st, 2020, in accordance with the Mexican regulation of solid waste (Ley de Residuos Sólidos de la Ciudad de México) the prohibition, trade and delivery of plastic bags came into force.
Today, one of many pandemic consequences is that this industry comes alive since its own procedure is plain to see, according to The Manual of Management of Dead Body suspected or confirmed COVID – 19 issued by FGJ (Fiscalía General de Justicia) corpses must be set in bags. However, characteristics are not given, whatsoever. Mario Álvarez Álvarez, RUBOPLAST spokesperson, said that a member of Federal Government requested the manufacturing of 20 thousand plastic-biodegradable bags for dead bodies. It comes to be important to underline that such bags are high-density polyethylene made; low-density material would take 100 years to break down, by the way.

In conformity with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bags for usage to keep human remains infected with such dangerous virus like this, COVID -19, are 3, which appear below:

Bag 1: vinyl or any other free-chlorine material. At least 162 micrometers or 0.016cm. Thermo-sealed seamed in factory. No sewed.

Bag 2: chlorine free. Impermeable to fluids, thermo-sealing to prevent leaks of fluids from dead bodies.

Bag 3: overlaid with vinyl or any other free-chlorine material. At least 457 micrometers or 0.045 cm. Thermo-sealed seamed in factory. No sewed.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

As indicated by the foregoing, bags in manufacturing, do not fulfill specifications needs to transport this sort of dead bodies; materials are inappropriate.

Purchasing of inappropriate material leads us to another situation; confinement capsules; those used to transport COVID -19 patients. The number of them is high, but the result is that they are useless, in other words they are <<pirated bags>>.

Redacción: Lcdo. Donovan Blanco Pavón | donovan@opportimes.com

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