Short film Loko La Película wins at Florence film festival

The short film Loko La Película won Best Horror Short Film at the Florence Film Festival, Italy.

The Mexican Pedro Pablo Rodríguez wrote and directed the fictional short film Loko La Película, which was nominated for seven international film festivals.

By its own description, the Florence Festival is an annual event dedicated to independent cinema, taking place in the beautiful and historic Odeon Firenze venue, which has 559 seats.

The mission of the festival is to create an event where people can watch independent films that are rarely shown and meet inspiring like-minded people from the film industry.

This Wednesday, Rodríguez received the news that the short film Loko La Pelicula won at the Florence film festival.

Rodríguez is a journalist, videographer, and communication scientist from Monterrey, Nuevo León. He has lived for 12 years in the city of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, where he works as Production Manager in Grupo B15, in addition to being CEO and Founding Partner of Cero Negro Corp.

“This short film is based on my book INFERNO,” said Rodríguez in Fresnillo, where the short film Loko La Película was filmed.

Foto: Loko La Película. Pedro Pablo Rodríguez.

Rodríguez has worked in film, radio, television, print media and advertising as a screenwriter and director. He has been a political campaign advisor since 1999 for all popularly elected offices and has directly produced 13.

He has also directed more than 400 closed circuits of international artists, music videos with more than 300 million views on the YouTube platform, and his photographic talent has been on the cover of albums for Sony BMG and for the national magazine Ritmo Urbano.

Short film Loko La Película

“Zacatecas is an extraordinarily cinematographic state,” emphasized Rodríguez, who has traveled through 33 of its 58 municipalities. Among other buildings, the film includes the Agora Museum and the Echeverría Theater.

Since it is festival season, the work is not yet on social networks nor can it be screened yet, since this is a requirement to be able to compete in them. Predictably, by the end of the year short film Loko will be able to be disseminated.

The short film Loko La Película tells the story of a young man who wakes up in a mental hospital, accused after his girlfriend disappeared. To prove his innocence, he escapes and goes through various adverse situations.

The cast in the Short Film Loko La Película is made up of Tiro Loko, Dharius, and Sebastián Llapur.

From a regio in Zacatecas

To represent the forgotten inmates of the mental hospital, the peculiar circus company Noisuli Circus used all its talent, elevating the performance to an organic level. The concept of “le cirque de horreur” was present from the first drafts of the script, turning the second act into a nightmare interlude.

Photo: Loko La Película.

The impeccable Noir style of Pedro Pablo Rodríguez’s photography leads us to rediscover the fantastic architectural settings of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, through his lens. The Agora Museum and the Echeverría Theater, The Zacatecan countryside and the cruelty of its skies are dimensioned with a chilling visual language.

Photo: Loko La Película.

Sebastian Llapur is a Mexican nationalized intentional announcer and voice over, although he was born and trained in Córdoba Argentina. He is the voice of humorous characters on TV and reinterpreted the voices of serious characters from movies, series and video games, as well as being a singer and institutional voice of well-known brands and TV shows.

It is the official voice in Latin Spanish of: Darth Vader, Marcus Fenix ​​from Gears of War, Mufasa in the Lion King 2019, Bruce, the shark from Finding Nemo, Krusty the clown and El Abuelo in The Simpsons, El tigre Diego de La ice age, Daffy Duck, Colossus in Deadpool, Severus Snape in Harry Potter, among others.

Sebastian is a voice actor in more than 30 films and series. He voiced more than 25 characters in animated films and television series. It is the original voice in Latin Spanish in more than 15 video games.

To the world: short film Loko La Película

Tiro Loko is a singer, songwriter and national champion of Mixed Martial Arts. Tiro Loko is the first artist of the record label “El Clan Records”.

Photo: Loko La Película.

Dharius Mexican singer and songwriter, winner of two gold records in 2003 and 2010. Nominated for a Latin Grammy. Nominated for the Best New Artist category at the 2004 MTV Latin Awards.

Photo: Loko La Película.

He participated in the soundtrack of the films “Sueño” by John Leguizamo, “Don de Dios” and “Desafío”, as well as starring in the feature film “Los Jefes”, a trending topic on Netflix.

In 2018, he received the Gold Button for one million subscribers on his YouTube channel and his videos reach 500 million views on the same platform.

Music video producer since 2014, he has in his filmography the hits “La Durango”, “Hey Morra” and “Todos en la Cuadra Bien Locos”, achieving with this one of the most anticipated Mexican Hip Hop collaborations in recent years, uniting the talents of C-Kan, Gera MX, Santa Fe Klan and Neto Peña. A track that will go down in the history of Mexican Rap.

More from the short film Loko La Película

Nominated 11 times for a Grammy Award, Mauricio Garza is a music producer who accumulates dozens of credits on albums by artists of all musical genres, from Dharius, Julieta Venegas, Zoe and Volovan. He has participated in the musical production of films and soap operas, and is co-founder together with Dharius of the record label El Clan Récords. l Clan Records.

Photo: Loko La Peícula.



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