Rail transport blockades meet 10 days in Sonora

The blockades to rail transport in the state of Sonora, Mexico, are 10 days old, affecting regional, national and international trade.

Likewise, the blockades include one of the most important international highways that connect with the United States,

Since August 5, the transport of goods necessary for the consumption of the population and essential inputs for agriculture, industrial activities, imports and exports, cannot be carried out, especially affecting the roads to Nogales and Mexicali, two of the border points with the United States that are essential for foreign trade.

The blockades do not allow the transit of basic products and are affecting the supply of different production lines, after the Yaqui peoples resumed the siege of the communication routes in the region.


In the town of Vícam, municipality of Guaymas, the Yaquis once again blocked the passage of large volumes of cargo through the Ferromex roads and have also closed traffic on high-specification highways for motor transport.

Many trailers wait up to 12 hours, then make way for a fee, at the discretion of activists, while flat trains are permanently blocked.

Companies in the sector indicated that the fence generates losses for regional trade, as well as for the production lines of different industries that are stopped waiting for inputs, parts and components, including raw materials, dangerous chemicals or spare parts that due to their characteristics only They can be transported by train, which has already reached almost 1,200 stopped cars.

The meeting of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with the Yaquis governors is recognized as an important gesture by his Government in search of solutions to the demands, however it does not seem to be working out the best way, when it has not been possible to lift the prolonged siege of 23 days between July and August, which has closed the passage to the fundamental corridors for national and binational trade with the United States, because the blockade affects the entry and exit of products to and from the border with Arizona.

These blockades were generated by demands for basic services and cancellation of aqueducts and gas pipelines in Yaqui territory, as well as by the demand for payment of land use by companies that use them, such as Ferromex and Telmex.



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