ProChile launches test to measure the sustainability of its clients

ProChile launched a self-diagnosis test for its clients, so that they can measure the sustainable management of their companies.

The test seeks to identify the exportable offer of high added value, which allows diversifying the export matrix and positioning Chile in more demanding markets and consumers.

In general, ProChile is the institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of promoting the exportable offer of Chilean goods and services, and contributing to the development of the country, through the internationalization of Chilean companies, promoting the country’s image, foreign investment and tourism.

This tool will evaluate four dimensions of sustainability and consider a subsequent analysis of data that will provide information regarding the customer profile, how the portfolio is segmented, will allow to identify pioneering companies, good practices and guide future actions.

The new tool consists of a test that will evaluate four sustainability dimensions, which are: internal management, indicators for decision-making, supplier management, use management and end of life.

This service considers a subsequent analysis of data that will provide information regarding the customer profile, will allow identifying pioneering companies and good practices to reduce gaps.


“Every day it is more important in international markets that exporting companies comply with standards associated with sustainability and that it is present throughout the chain. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, this is very important, as consumers look for products that are sustainable. This is an increasingly relevant factor for international trade, “said ProChile CEO Jorge O’Ryan.

For his part, the head of the ProCasis Sustainability Subdepartment, Catalina Cuevas, explained that “this new tool is very valuable, since it generates a double result. On the one hand, it provides concrete recommendations to companies to advance their sustainable management and, on the other, it allows us to guide future actions to support their promotion and development, in a more demanding and challenging context. ”

To enter the test, companies must answer the email sent to them from ProChile or enter the website www.prochile.gob.cl/sostenibilidad. The deadline to do so is August 31. Those who participate will be able to assess their degree of progress in the matter and, in addition, they will have practical guidance to improve their sustainability management.




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