Ibee Products achieves honey exports to Qatar through UPS

Ibee Products is a company that produces and distributes 100% gourmet honey with the highest quality standards and that has certifications that endorse it as: Kosher, Halal and Innocuous Food from SENASICA, among the most relevant.

Likewise, Ibee Products produces two types of honey: the liquid version, a product of different blooms that is available all year round, and butter honey, which they extract from apiaries that are close to camomile, mesquite and avocado crops in the months of October. and November in a 100% natural way.

With approximately 25 years of experience sweetening palates, the beekeeping company has managed to position its products by distributing to the most important renowned hotel chains and restaurants in Mexico.

In general, beekeeping in Mexico is of great economic and social importance since, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader), more than 43,000 beekeepers depend directly on it.

Mexico is among the 10 largest honey producers.

Ibee Products

2020 has been a year of great challenges in the history of the company. Due to the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, several of its clients began to have a low influx, which caused an impact on the business of Ibee Products.

However, perseverance and perseverance are part of the company’s values ​​and this time it was no exception, because with the aim of reducing the impact that the pandemic had caused them, they decided to open up their horizons by directing them towards retail sales. and the export of its products to places as far away as Qatar, located on the Arabian peninsula.

In order to bring their products to other parts of the world, it was necessary to break with existing business schemes, as well as learn everything related to export processes, consulting customs agents and in some situations doing trial and error, so it was important to have an ally logistic that in addition to helping them with customs processes, could guide and familiarize them with the new challenges they were taking on without neglecting the punctuality and quality that characterizes them.


The initial connection between UPS and Ibee Products was established through the UPS Women Exporters (SheTrades) program conducted in conjunction with the International Trade Center (ITC), an agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations.

This is a global initiative, which hopes to connect around 3 million female entrepreneurs with the international market by 2021 and with which it is intended that female entrepreneurs learn about export regulations, documentation, packaging requirements and more.

After almost two months of working together, Ibee Products has seen a “before and after” difference when working with UPS, since the solutions and personalized advice have contributed to simplifying the shipping process and customs requirements such as handling the tax payment of orders.

“Many people told me that exporting is not expanding your business, it is like having another business, but UPS really helps us in everything. It is the best thing that could have happened to us to start exporting because it really takes us by the hand, ”said Jaqueline García CEO of Ibee Products.

To have a better delivery service and control of your shipments Ibee Products relies on different UPS solutions such as, UPS Worldwide Express Saver ™ service that allows them to make their fast and guaranteed deliveries in Qatar; UPS Quantum View Manage with which they can have visibility of their shipments at all times thanks to the fact that both the company and its clients can receive proactive notifications about the status of the packages; and UPS CampusShip® that allows multiple users the ease of generating shipping guides just by having Internet access.

Thanks to the success they have had with the process of exporting their products to the Middle East, where culturally honey is in great demand due to its different essential uses, Ibee Products is about to begin distributing to the United States taking advantage of the benefits of new T-MEC, same that began to be implemented in early July 2020.

“Yes, there is a market for honey right now, only you have to know how to look for it,” said Jaqueline, who plans that with the opening of her business at a global level they can show the authenticity of Mexican honey to the world, acquiring a return on investment. of approximately 30% for your company.




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