General Motors, FCA and Nissan lead Mexico’s automotive exports

General Motors (GM), FCA and Nissan led Mexico’s light vehicle exports in November, Inegi reported.

In that month, General Motors sold 68,770 units abroad, a decline of 14.6%; FCA shipped 51,311 units abroad, an increase of 16.5%, and Nissan exported 43,953 units, an increase of 22.4%, at annual rates.

After foreign trade in goods strongly suffered the effects of the pandemic between March and May, as of June, Mexico’s exports began to recover as a reflection of the reopening of some economic activities, especially the automotive sector, and the reactivation gradual external demand.

The recovery came from both the dynamism of automotive exports and the rest of manufacturing exports, particularly to the United States.

Cumulatively, in the first 11 months of 2020, GM exported 619,522 units, FCA, 380,290 units, and Nissan, 301,213 units, with year-on-year drops of 20.4, 25.2 and 28.5%, respectively.

General Motors

The Covid-19 pandemic and government actions and measures taken to prevent its spread continue to affect the operations of automotive companies.

For example, in response to Covid-19, General Motors previously suspended most of its global manufacturing operations and the manufacturing operations of its Automotive China joint ventures.

By May 2020, General Motors had resumed its global manufacturing operations.

Government-imposed restrictions on business, operations and travel and related economic uncertainty have impacted demand for vehicles in most global markets.



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