Exports from Brazil decrease 1.2% in November 2020

Exports from Brazil totaled 17.531 million dollars in November, a decrease of 1.2% year-on-year, the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade reported on Tuesday.

In the opposite direction, during the same period, Brazilian imports were for 13,799 million dollars, a fall of 2.6% year on year.

With this, Brazil registered a positive balance of 3,732 million dollars in its product trade balance and a total commercial flow of 31,330 million dollars.

In the accumulated to November 2020, exports from Brazil amounted to 191.678 million dollars and imports to 140.518 million, with a positive balance of 51.160 million and trade flows of 332.195 million.

Exports from Brazil

Since 2009, the most important market for Brazilian products has been Asia, followed by the European Union.

To provide export financing under the terms and conditions in force in the international market, the Brazilian federal government established the Export Financing Program (PROEX).

There are two forms of credit assistance available under the program: direct financing and interest rate matching.

Direct financing can be provided to Brazilian exporters (supplier credit) or foreign importers (buyer credit).

Direct financing can also be provided for the production of goods and services for export.

Interest rate equalization is a form of credit assistance whereby PROEX pays part of the fees associated with a loan made by another financial institution through offset payments, making the net financial burden of the loan compatible with those available in the international market. The funding period for the program varies between 60 days and 15 years.


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