CAAAREM encourages the use of PITA

The Confederation of Associations of Customs Agents of the Mexican Republic (CAAAREM) urged the use of the Customs Technological Integration Project (PITA).

“As you know, the customs authorities have recently been promoting the use of the PITA, which consists in activating the Automated Selection Mechanism (MSA) through the Carrier’s Unique Identification Badge (GUI), The same that seeks the streamlining and automation of the processes of modulation of requests ”, said the CAAAREM.

In general, the PITA is a comprehensive initiative that aims to automate, facilitate and streamline the processes of entry and exit of goods in the country’s customs.

“Currently, the PITA scheme is enabled in various customs (Border, Interior and Maritime) of the country, however, we have received various comments from our members in the sense that said scheme has many opportunities for improvement and this could be more closely linked to the dynamics of the office and the needs of foreign trade actors,” added CAAAREM.


Faced with such a situation, and for the purposes of detecting the aforementioned opportunities for improvement that this scheme may have, the CAAAREM stated that it is necessary to carry out dispatches under this scheme, a situation for which we suggest that our members use the PITA lanes in their operations.


“In this regard, the authority tells us that very little activity has been detected in the lanes destined for the PITA scheme, and it is necessary to carry out dispatches under this scheme in order to be able to capture the problems that arise in the dispatches which are carried out on a daily basis in order to compile them and make them known to the authority ”, the Confederation concluded.

The general objective of the PITA is to optimize the operation for the entry and exit of merchandise from the national territory, to increase the surveillance measures that inhibit or identify illegal acts and to act in a timely manner against those who attempt against national security.

Chart: IATA.

The specific objectives of PITA are:

  • Automate the customs clearance of cargo merchandise.
  • Strengthen the control of passenger vehicles at border crossings.
  • Make the supervision of customs and SAT areas more efficient through Video-surveillance.



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